How to work with red to create vibrant and elegant decors

Red is a powerful and intense color so it has to be used carefully because it can quickly become overwhelming. However, as an accent color, it’s a wonderful choice for any area of the house. It can be combined with white for a fresh mix or it can be used to create a dramatic décor. These examples showcase beautiful interiors featuring red as the star color.

In the office.

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In a home office, red can be used as an accent color in order to create a more dynamic and vibrant décor. This office, for example, features a stylish combo of red and white. It’s fresh, simple and it’s very beautiful. The two colors are very well balanced and cleverly used throughout the room. The attention to detail also makes this office very chic.

In the kitchen.

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In the kitchen, red can be that pop of color the décor needs in order to become more dynamic, bold and eye-catching. Since red is a warm and very strong color, in this case the glossy finishes only make it stand out more. The stainless steel appliances enhance that look and create an overall rich and powerful décor.

In the living room.

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A traditional living room usually includes red as a main color. This one, for example, features lots of red accents in the form of a traditional rug, upholstered ottomans, patterned sofa, decorative cushions, curtains and all the small decorations. The color palette also includes some bright, warm shades for contrast.

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This is a contemporary living room and, even though the colors used are very similar to those seen in the traditional living room presented above, the décor is very different. Everything is simple, the lines and clean and clear and everything it beautifully balanced. Red is used as an accent color for the ottoman, artwork and curtains.

In the dining room.

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The dining room is a very flexible space. Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create, red can be used in many different ways. In this case, for example, red has become the main color. The dining room features red walls, red ceiling and red curtains and this makes the whole room seem very dramatic and colorful. It can be an interesting choice for a bold contemporary décor or a romantic atmosphere.

In the bedroom.

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Given the fact that the bedroom is a space that needs to feel serene and relaxing, red is not the best color to be used for the décor. However, a touch of red in the form of an accent walls, some accent pillows or decorations could be a very good idea. This bedroom features a very beautifully balanced interior.

In the bathroom.

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The bathroom is a space that is quite difficult to decorate, despite the fact that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves during the design process. If you wish to make your bathroom pop a little, you can use red as an accent color. This bathroom features red walls that, in contrast with the white ceiling, flooring and furniture, create a stylish look.

The entryway.

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Welcome your guests with enthusiasm and make your entryway stand out. Use vibrant colors and rich patterns. Red is a wonderful choice. For example, this entryway has an Asian-inspired décor and the red accents are very powerful. It’s a simple way of creating a strong first impression for your guests.


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You can make your home pop a little and stand out even before your guests enter inside. For example, if you prefer something simple but that’s still striking and stylish, you could opt for a bold red door frame that will contrast with the minimalist façade. It will be a simple but very strong focal point for everyone to see.

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