10 Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

If you want, you can spend a fortune on artwork and other things to decorate your home with but this doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive process. There are plenty of ways to add charm to your home without breaking the bank.

Themed wall art.

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Depending on the style you’ve chosen for your home, you can use themed wall art. The oversized fish on the wall gives this place a relaxed and laid back feel, a nice look for a beach retreat perhaps.

Simple but classy.

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One of the best ways to save money when decorating is by opting for a simple look. For example, this dining room looks very chic and the sunburst mirror is the perfect accessory for the style.

Decorate with pillows.

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Use pillows to cheer up the bedroom or the living room. They’re very versatile because you can change their covers whenever you want and the décor will instantly change. Use different patterns and color and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Driftwood handrail.

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A twisted tree branch can make a beautiful handrail for your staircase. It’s an element that allows you to customize the décor and comes for free. You just need to find a fallen tree and bring it home.

Custom paint job.

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Try to add your own twist to everything you make. For example, if you decide to repaint the walls, how about something custom like these subtle stripes you can make using a broom?

Create your own furniture.

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Don’t just dismiss the idea of making your own furniture because you think it’s complicated. Some projects take very little time, resources and skill. For example, use 4 wooden crates to make a coffee table.

Personalized color and pattern scheme.

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Try to introduce color and pattern into your home through things like desk lamps, cushions, bedding, rugs, etc. coordinate all these things and you can personalize the room, however you want.

Recycle light bulbs.

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What use could a light bulb have apart from the obvious? How about light bulb vases or planters. It sounds really out there but it’s a fun and simple project which you can try this week-end.

Use wood logs creatively.

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Everything can be used in more than one interesting way. For example, wood logs can be cut into slices and then used to create a really interesting design for the floor. A great idea for the entryway.

Rustic decorations.

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Make your own rustic decorations using things you find in nature. Take a bunch of twigs and glue them to a glass container. This can a really interesting candle votive which you can display on the mantel.



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