7 Alternative Table Runners

Tired of ordinary, basic and monochromatic table runners? Yeah, I am too. So I decided to nix buying any table runners from the tablecloth aisle and buy other items to spruce up my dining room table. And when you think about it, there are quite a few different ways to dress the area without being boring, generic and by adding a lot more style and surprise. Let’s take a look at some alternative table runners for the breakfast nook, your dinner table or even the dining room!!

1. Rustic Wooden Boards.

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Whether it goes the entire length of the table or just a slab, using wooden boards to dress up the casual is a great way to add a bit of casual elegance. Place candles atop or even some of the side dishes to make it easier to serve.

2. Vintage Book Sheets.

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For a reader and writer, this one is obviously my favorite choice. For a casual everyday look to all your tables, create a little table runner using some sheets from an old book. Try adding a little design to the edges using a paper punch and glue them together to make the final product wider.

3. Playful Scarves.

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Dress up the table for winter with some wool or dress it down for spring with something sheer. Use different scarves with different looks and season to play up the season!

4. Adorable Doilies.

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Use all your doilies to create the table runner essence. Design them the way you’d like and you’ve got an instantly more feminine and flirty place for brunch. If you don’t have enough, try going to the flea market or thrifting for some great finds.

5. Whimsy Cheesecloth.

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Cheesecloth works well for a light, airy feel. It’s relaxed but still pretty enough to use on the table, especially if you used a over sized piece for a smaller table.

6. Boyish Burlap.

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You can always grab some burlap and cut a piece lengthy enough for every table. It’s the perfect idea to use for an outdoor breakfast or evening lunch. Just add a bit of fresh flowers to girl it up a bit!

7. Simple Place Mats.

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If you have enough place mats, set them up in a way that gives the illusion of a table runner. It’s a bit more interesting than a generic table runner and you can add a little bit design by setting up the pieces like so.