10 Tricks You Should Know About Home Safety

We’d hate to turn you into a paranoid person but burglars can be very clever and you should always be one step ahead of them. You don’t have to be constantly scared of them because it doesn’t do any good but you should be aware that bag things can happen to anyone. It wouldn’t hurt to pay a little more attention to your home safety. This way you won’t regret not doing it later.

1. Mailboxes are better than mail slots.

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The reason for that is actually very simple. The mail slot goes against the wood grain and this means it weakens the integrity of the door and makes it easier for thieves to get in.

2. Keep our car keys close-by when you go to sleep.

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A very clever thing to do when you think that someone is trying to break in is to press the panic button on your car key ring. This will start the alarm and the unwanted guest will most likely flee before someone sees him.

3. Plant thorny shrubs beneath ground-floor windows.

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By planting rosebushes or other type of thorny plants beneath your ground floor windows you add beauty to your garden and you also discourage burglars to lurk in the shadows waiting to see when you leave the room.

4. Keep an eye out for flyers stuck in the front door.

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As we’ve said, burglars are very clever and they are known to sometimes leave ads in doors on purpose just to see how long it takes the owner to remove them. This way they determine whether you’re home or in vacation.

5. Always check the locks and windows.

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Sometimes a person may ask to use your bathroom just so he can unlatch the window in order to come back later and enter your house. So always check the locks and windows after someone has been in your home, whether you trust them or not.

6. Be careful when you choose your locksmith.

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Of course, it would be very easy for a locksmith to make a copy of your key and to come back later to rob you. So choose him carefully as there are many unlicensed ones just waiting to trick you.

7. Don’t leave wood lying around near the side of the house.

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Try not to store your wood near the side of the house because it can be easily used to gain access to a window or to climb on to the upper level. Instead, store it in the garage or somewhere else.

8. Lower the volume on your phone.

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It’s easy to determine if someone is home just by listening to see if the phone goes to voice mail or if nobody answers. So lower the volume so it can’t be heard from the outside.

9. Store your valuables in your kid’s room.

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This may sound selfish but it’s actually a very good idea. Instead of storing your valuables in the nightstand, try hiding them in your child’s drawer. Thieves usually try not to disturb the kids and to stay away from their rooms.

10. Fool the thieves with a decal.

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Not everyone can afford to have a security system but what you can do in such cases is at least purchase a decal. It may not fool the professionals but it will make a less experienced thief think twice before deciding to break in.



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