Wooden Serving Tray Set

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the perfect morning for you. Yes, I know, both men and women think the perfect morning is when you can sleep until late and the loved one brings you breakfast in bed. This is a luxury very few parents can afford, since the children are all over the house and their parents since the crack of dawn.

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But this is nice, so why not invite the whole family for breakfast in bed? Well, you will need some serving trays for that. These trays are very useful, as they will be used both as trays for carrying food from the kitchen into the bedroom or living room, but also as mini tables when placed in your lap. So they must be strong enough to hold all the food, but also pleasant enough to look good.

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This set of two serving trays is perfect for the entire family. They are made of wood, so they look pretty natural and nice and also provide the resistance you need to carry everything from one place to another. It is hand made and they used solid Douglas fir for the wood. The trays were made using traditional folded slab construction techniques so you can see the wood grain from all the parts. You can purchase the set of two for .


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