Whimsical Headboard Ideas Without The Actual Headboard

We don’t all have beds that comes with headboards. In fact, most of us have a platform bed and they we shop for the detachable headboard later. But what about those that don’t like the traditional bed background? For those of you who want something a bit more outside-the-box, here are a list of  10 whimsical, style headboard ideas without the actual headboard intact.

1. Feel-Worthy Felt.

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This hand-stitched felt tapestry is the perfect backdrop to this causal bed. The piece creates a modern, cultural style with a soft, feminine ease.

2. Simple Paddling.

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For a nautical, beachy vibe, try some paddles behind that bed. This is the perfect solution for a dull, guest bedroom and it’ll be a fun DIY project to boot!

3. Easy Reading.

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Probably the best and most unique headboard idea I have ever seen, this is a great idea for a studio apartment or those who love a bit of eclectic, scholarly style.

4. Dainty Decals.

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Nix the chunky furniture pieces and say, “hello” to some dainty decals. Now you can even get these wall stickers in headboard-shaped prints!

5. Chalkboard Illusions.

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Grab a little chalkboard paint and create the illusion of a headboard. Then draw or write whatever you would like on it, you can even change it up a bit with the seasons!

6. Large Art.

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It’s as easy as can be. All you have to do is find a large piece of art that you love and hang it above your bed to act as a makeshift headboard.

7. Shelves and Stuff.

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Instead of wooden headboard, why not add some shelves to take its place? You can stack your books and any other nick-knacks in its place.

8. Wispy Fabrics.

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You can even hang some wispy, light fabrics behind your bed for an easy, romantic touch. It gives the bed a headboard feel without all the bulk.

9. Unique Focus.

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It could be something eclectic and funky like this faux deer head or it could be a giant starburst mirror. You can create a artistic, textural focal point by adding something else besides a classic headboard behind the bed.

10. Twinkly Lights.

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Why not go for some youthful twinkle lights? Just make a fun collage and design something silly and fun to go behind your simple bed. At night it can go to being romantic or artistic in a blink of an eye.