What Color is Chartreuse: Ideas & Inspiration

We’re gushing over chartreuse today and spreading a bit of light on this bold and vivacious shade. But what color is chartreuse, you ask? A bright mix of yellow and green, chartreuse takes the place of lime and mustard with even more powerful personality and trendy appeal. In an effort to enlighten and inspire, we’ve compiled a list of 10 rooms that uses chartreuse in the most beautiful and stylish of ways. Learn how to accent and what colors to pair with it by taking a peek at the ideas below.

1. With White.

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If you’ve decided to use chartreuse in a larger area or in larger bouts, make sure you balance out this strong tone with a light and comfortable neutral. Whether that be a beige or creamy white, you’ll want to compliment the color but not have it overpower your living rooms or kitchens.

2. Stand Out.

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This color is also perfect for dressing standout pieces of the house. Whether that be the sofa or office accent chair, chartreuse makes for a great option of creating focal points in any room. Like this sofa for example, it transform this charcoal-dipped space into something even more stylish.

3. Bold Choice.

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Don’t be scared of going bold. Your dining room could be the highlight of your home if you decide to dress the walls in chartreuse and make them pop even more by adding violet and cobalt blue around the space for complimenting and accessorizing.

4. Lightened Up.

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Give your chartreuse walls a lighter look by placing them in an area with a lot of natural lighting and creamy textures and wooden accents. It gives a softer look to this lively, green shade and a more touchable finish. But it never takes away from its unique look!{found on }.

5. Retro Style.

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This color dresses retro pieces really well. There’s something about the funkiness of the color that makes retro pieces look contemporary and hip. It’s a great way to mesh that vintage flair with fashion-forward energy without committing to a blander, more traditional look.{found on }.

6. Printed Looks.

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For a completely surprising and outside-the-box space, decorate it with a printed piece of chartreuse. This guest bathroom has texture, tone, depth and interest with just the addition of these patterned wallpaper. It may seem busy but we see it as a fun addition to the house.

7. Trendy Additions.

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This blue-hued room was taken to an entirely different level with the addition of these trendy and fun chartreuse chairs. It adds a youthful presence to the space and makes a personal touch that much more evident. The pairing of these two shades really is quite magical.

8. Outdoor Ideas.

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Chartreuse can even brighten up and add style to your outdoor areas. From the front porch to the back, paired with whites, blacks or charcoals, this color will make your outside pop with a bout of design-worthy envy. You’ll have the best curbside on the block!{found on }.

9. Small Spots.

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This chartreuse door makes this simple and sleek space so much more interesting and fun. This is a great example of how an easy addition and idea can transform even the smallest of spaces around the house – and anyone can make this happen without breaking the bank.{found on }.

10. Funky Accents.

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Chartreuse is really one of the best colors to dress your home in funky styles with. Because it has such a unique tone and texture all its own, it makes for such a fun way of decorating with prints and personality-filled nick-knacks and tid bits.{found on }.



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