10 Ways To Welcome Orange Into Your Home’s Decor

It’s fall again and we feel inspired by all the beautiful colors of the season to show you all the great ways in which you can bring them into your home. We find orange to be a particularly interesting color. It can be very bright and bold but it can also be warm and subdued, the perfect accent tone for a cozy decor. Still, whether you choose a cheerful orange shade or a more earthy nuance, you have to find a way to introduce it into your home’s interior design. There are a lot of ways in which you can do that and today we’ll show you some specifics.

An orange bar stool

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It’s not just the beautiful orange shade that we love about this bar stool (fyi you can also find it in other color tones) but also the way in which it was built. The glossy black lacquered legs give the chair a sleek look  and the upholstered seat and button-tufted backrest make it extra comfortable. The synthetic leather is a good fit for the frame, especially in the black and orange combination showed here.

Colorful lighting

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Pendant lights and lamps in general are a great way of adding color to a space. The Lollipop series from does that in a unique way. The name actually says it all. These hanging pendant lamps are very realistic in their attempt to look like lollipops. They come in several colors including bright orange and their playfulness is contagious.

Colorful pillow accents

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Accent pillows have always been sources of color and pattern for living rooms and bedrooms which brings us to our goal for today: to bring orange into our homes. Check out the complementary combination between a blue sofa and an orange throw pillow featured here. You can use that as inspiration or you can combine orange with other base colors such as gray, green or brown.

Eye-catching appliances

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Kitchen appliances are usually neutral-looking, white, black and gray being the most common colors, so it’s refreshing to see something different, something that stands out. offers a few such products, including this range oven which has a bright orange body with blue accents. Of course, such a look is not for everyone so plan your kitchen design carefully before falling in love with colorful appliances.

Orange benches

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Another product that makes the most out of orange (and blue) and stripes is the bench. It’s the type of seating module that suits open and flexible social spaces. Visually, it resembles a chain link and this was actually the element that inspired its design. The benches can be slicked together to form a variety of different configurations and can also look great as standalone pieces.

A classical lounge chair

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We’re big fans of classical furniture pieces that are available in bold and vibrant colors. we find the combination to be perfect for simple and timeless decors. Check out the chair which was designed by Harry Bertoia in 1952 It looks gorgeous in this dark shade of orange which warms up its industrial design and gives it an elegant and modern allure.

A cozy slipper chair

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Isn’t a gorgeous chair? It has a thin metal base and a very comfortable shell with a curved plywood backrest that wraps around the sides forming armrests. We think orange is a color that suits it well, giving it an edgy but at the same time very warm and cozy look.

Poufs and loungers with character

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Poufs are great to have around as extra seats for guests and they’re also excellent for casual living and lounge spaces. In addition, you can use them as a source of color for your home. Imagine a colored pouf casually sitting by your sofa or in the corner of your bedroom. It would cheer up the whole room. The colors don’t necessarily have to be very bold as long as they stand out.

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The fact that the seat comes in bright and eye-catching colors only makes its graphical design stand out more. This is an asymmetrical piece inspired by the mid-century modern design movement. It plays with striking geometric forms and with the concept of balance in a stylish and elegant way. We find the orange and the green versions to be equally fun and beautiful.

Side table accents

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If you’re not adding color to your living room through chairs or sofas, perhaps you’d prefer side tables. They’re small, accent pieces and they’re perfect for this task. Moreover, they’re very versatile and useful in many different configurations and settings, including lounge areas, reading nooks, even bedrooms and office spaces. They can easily be practical and stand out visually at the same time. All you have to do is pick a good accent color for them.