Unusual hand painted planter

Every holyday should be a new opportunity to offer gifts o your loved ones. If you wonder what is the best way to express your attention, love and gratitude, then you should know that probably the best answer is to offer something you made by your own. This way the person who receives the gift will know not only that you thought about her, but also that you worked hard and with love to please her. A hand made present is also a perfect present because it can be personalized and it will surely be unique.

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In Tucson, Az, there is a special holiday named Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), celebrated every year. With this occasion people offer thematic gifts to the loved ones, as a symbol of celebrating life. One idea for a hand made gift with the Day of the Dead occasion is a skull planter. The one who thought about this idea said she found it interesting because the plant from the planter looks like the figurine’s hear or hat.

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To make a skull planter you need craft paints, including black and white, brushes and markers, terra cotta pots and plants. The first thing you’ll do is to dilute some white paint with water, apply it to the pot and wait until is dry. After that, draw a skull face with black paint. For details you can also use markers.  If you want to add some color, then paint some extra colored models. If not, leave your pot black and white. Insert the wanted flower into the pot and, voila, your skull is alive!{found on }.


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