Unusual Dot Wall Vase

When I first saw these beautiful and colourful polka dots I thought they were just wall accessories that can help you bring some colour and a cheerful look to a dull white wall in a totally boring room. But apparently I was wrong and the dots turned out to be Unusual Dot Wall Vases. I guess you could use them only as wall accessories, but you can also use them as flowers and bring some nature into your home, especially now when it’s officially autumn and the flowers are starting to fade in the gardens.

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View in gallery

Each of these Polka dots is a ceramic disc that is empty inside and has an oval opening at the upper end. You can fill it with water and put the flowers in, thus making it the best small vase that comes stuck to the wall, unlike all the other normal vases that stay on the table. Besides, since the vase is already fixed to the wall it is a very secure place for a vase and the kids will never succeed to turn it over and splash the water on the floor. This unusual vase is available in different colours like orange, white, red, yellow and sky blue and you can use your imagination and play with their colours in order to make the perfect wall design. The item is now available for from Poketo.

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