15 Decorations for an Un-scary Halloween

The time is here when it seems that the undead walk all around us. Decaying zombies stalk front porches. Toothy vampires line grocery shelves. Fake blood appears out of nowhere. Sure, it may be fun for the teenagers, but what about the little eyes? How is Halloween supposed to be enjoyable when the kids are afraid to Trick-Or-Treat? Instead of succumbing to the ghouls or settling for a single Jack O’ Lantern, check out these 15 ways to get into the Halloween spirit without scaring off the little ones!

1. Black Cat Lights.

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Light up your porch or party with this easy project. At least you don’t have to worry about these glowing-eyed black cats crossing your path. (via )

2. DIY Spider Webs.

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While fake webbing might be spooky, take a unique direction by cutting webs out of black trash bags. It’s easy, cheap, and promises to Halloween-ify your corners. (via )

3. Front Door Spiders.

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Glue magnets on the bottom of plastic spiders and stick them on your front door. Will anyone dare reach for the handle? (via )

4. Paper Mice.

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What lurks on the shadowy staircase? Not the suspected Halloween Devils! It’s just some scurrying shadows of mice, made out of black paper. (via )

5. Glowing Eyes.

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Got some extra toilet paper rolls? Cut shapes into them and put glow sticks inside to give put some light in the dark. They’ll make your guests suspect they’re being watched. (via )

6. Googly Eyeballs.

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Are you short on porch space for Halloween decor? Take it to the yard by painting beach balls to look like eyes. Set them in a tree or bush to bring the leaves to life. (via )

7. Monster Wreath.

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Monsters don’t have to be the stuff of nightmares. This friendly face is made of tulle and will make those younger trick-or-treaters smile with its toothy grin. (via )

8. Balloons.

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Halloween decor brings thoughts of floaty ghosts and webs and witches. Balloons make a much less menacing decoration and you can let the kiddos draw their own friendly faces on them. (via )

9. Going Batty.

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Unless you’ve seen Dracula, bats aren’t really all that scary. Use batty cutouts to decorate your house inside and out. (via )

10. Scarecrows.

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Small children can be easily discomforted by ghouls and goblins. Cater to your youngest trick-or-treaters by decorating your porch or yard with friendly scarecrows. (via )

11. Witchy Doormat.

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Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead and she’s on your front porch. Don’t step on her toes!

12. Halloween Silhouettes.

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Black paper and imagination are the only things necessary for this Halloween decoration. Cut out shapes of smiley ghosts and fluffy cats to cover your windows and interest the neighbors.

13. Front Door Monster.

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Your home can get dressed up for Halloween too. Use paper and streamers to create a kid friendly front door welcome. (via )

14. Candy Corn Garland.

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This candy corn banner is the perfect way to make a decoration from the treat. String it up around your candy filled table or along your front porch rail on Halloween night. (via )

 15. Front Porch Ghosties.

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Plastic bowls and white fabric can create a ghostly greeting for your guests. Let your kids decide if those faces will be friendly or fierce.


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