Tyrol Horn Vase

Whether we like it or not we are surrounded by nature and we have always been. That is why it is our main source of inspiration , no matter what is our field of work. People have used nature and elements of it ever since they appeared on earth and now this is more obvious than ever. I mean we can produce any artificial substances that we want, but we have just discovered that natural is good and now most people have embraced a “let’s come back to nature” current. This is how this Tyrol Horn Vase got created. Its designer took a moment and looked around and took the horns from a real cow , polished them and gave them a new look and use.

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He turned them into a flower vase, an unusual but beautiful one. The horns were carefully cleaned and polished and after that they were glued with the cavity up in order to allow you to pour water in it and keep it there without spilling it in order to let the flowers live. Then two brass rings were nicely attached to the end of the horns and that made them sine and look amazing. The two natural horns are carefully attached to a black wooden base then emphasizes their beauty and makes the perfect display. This can also be used as an art object in itself and can be purchased for from Jason Home.


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