Turn Everyday Items Into Hooks: Easy DIYs & Ideas

Your aprons, your keys, your coats, your hats .. there are so many wonderful things to be displayed on a series on hooks in the foyer, kitchen, home office or bedroom. But aren’t you tired of the same old, plain Jane hook options? Instead, why not take some everyday items and turn your hooks into stylish little accents as well. Take a peek at 10 items you can easily turn into hooks for your displaying and organizing needs!


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For a bit of an artistic essence, grab some paintbrushes and turn them into hooks! You’ll need to harden the brushes and glue them in a curved form. This is a great way to display light artwork in your office!

2.Plastic Animals.

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Perfect for the play room or in your dorm room, grab some cheap plastic play animals, spray paint them and mount them on the wall. They’ll be sturdy enough to hang nearly everything and it’s definitely an eclectic choice.

3. Darts.

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Yep, you can turn your darts into funky wall hooks for the man cave! Your guests will take a double take when they realize what their hat is hanging on.

4. Tools.

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Your wrenches can easily become some hooks for the garage or home office. It’s a bit masculine and a whole lot creative.

5. Teapots.

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If you know how to cut glass in a safe way, you can probably cut a little teapot too. And then, hang up your jewelry. It’s funky, it’s adorable and it adds to your already Victorian-inspired space.

6. Rolling Pins.

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Cut those vintage rolling pins in half and create some hooks for your aprons! As long as you can cut these safely, this DIY is easy and the hooks will hold for a long time to come.

7. Branches.

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Whether it’s one sturdy one or a few smaller finds, branches can easily be turned into wall hooks for your organic-inspired home. Just paint them and Voila! instant organizational help.

8.Faucet Handles.

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For something a bit rustic and vintage in style, try finding some old faucet hooks. Apply them to a wood bored and you’ve made easy hooks for your jewelry or ribbons!

9. Drawer Knobs.

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Similar to the faucet handles, find knobs that find your style and apple them to a bored or right to the wall for easy, stylish hooks that will help you organized any space of the house.

10. Silverware.

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Take your old silverware and start bending. This is probably one of the more popular ideas, but still just as loved.

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