Top Ten Leather Sofas We Love

When it comes time to spend some money to re-decorate your living room, you should think to change also the old seatings.Choosing a leather sofa is a grate way to add elegance and luxury.A leather sofa can be the center piece of the room and it is extremely important to choose something that will no go out of trend.When it comes to leather sofas, the design alternatives are endless.We decided to make this process easier for you and present 10 leather sofas we love and that could be the starting point when decorating.

1. Maxwell Leather Sleeper Sofa

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This first leather sofa is available for ,featuring clean modern lines and deep leather-wrapped, down-enhanced comfort.

2.Essex Leather Sofa

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The price tag for this traditional leather sofa is .The solid wood legs give a to the curved silhouette with top-grain leather upholstery.

3.Arlington Leather Sofa

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The Arlington Leather Sofa it’s available for and feature a generous comfort and style.Also you can opt for a leather ottoman which can be used like a table also.

4.Leatehr sofa from Natuzzieditions

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This leather sofa was special created for americans,the price is not available but you can look on the Natuzzieditions .

5.Axis Leather 2-Seat Sofa

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Available for , the Axis leatehr sofa feature clean lines with casual sophistication in deep espresso full-grain leather.

6.Aidan White Leather Sofa

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I definitely recommend this white leather sofa for those who want to decorate a room with dark walls.The Aidan White Leather Sofa have same price like Axis Leather 2-Seat Sofa.Sleek and sophisticated are the best two words for this white leatehr sofa.

7.Big Purple Leather Sofa by Ditre Italia

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After many brown, black and white leather sofas we just want to present you a purple leatehr sofa that can bright your room.This oversized purple leather sofa comes from .Spacious and comfortable sofa for full relaxation and entertaiment.

8.Dune Leather Sofa from Ditre Italia

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Dune leather sofa is extremely versatile and comes in two versions:one with pillows rights, the other with pillows from the cut slope.The best part is that you can arrange as you want the piece.

9.Modern Leather Sofa from Borzalino

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Called Nobel, this ultra modern leather sofa from comes in a creamy neutral tone that suits any space.Available for three, two and 1 person(armchair).

10.Modern Leather Sofa by Poltrona Frau

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This last one trendy sofa was designed by and features a contemporary look started with the steel feet.This soa design balance any style, from modern to classic, and makes a contemporary statement.

Don’t hesitate to tell us which sofa from this ten you love!

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