Tips to Efficiently Organize Your Desk Drawers

There are lots of different small things that need to be stored in a home office or any other kind of office for that matter. Drawers are very practical. You can fit lots of items in them and they remain hidden and safe. But what about the clutter inside? How do you deal with that? It takes forever to find the item you need in a drawer full of tiny things rolling around. The solution? Keep the drawers clean and organized using these tips.

Divide a large drawer using bins.

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Get a bunch of storage bins of different sizes and use them to divide the space inside a large drawer. Put your tape in one bin, the paper clips in another, sticky notes in another and so on. The drawer will be beautifully organized and it’s a lot easier to find the thing you need this way.{found on }.

Use trays of different sizes.

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A similar idea is to use trays. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. Combine them like in a puzzle and organize all the little items in your office drawers. You could also just as well use cardboard boxes but they’d have to be the same size.

Keep all the papers in one place.

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Papers and documents contribute the most to the clutter inside your desk drawers. Keep them all nice and organized either in a large envelop, in a folder or dedicate a separate drawer to them.

Only use the drawers for frequently used items.

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Try to only store the items you frequently use in the drawers. If you combine them with items you rarely use then it will all become a mess. Drawers are easily accessible so they are perfect for storing things like pens, paper clips, markers, etc.

Each drawer with a different function.

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Try to designate a function for each drawer of your desk. For example, the top drawer can be for scissors, tape, paper clips, pens and other similar items, the one below can be for notebooks, papers, etc. and another for toiletries such as tissues, band aids and other things.{found on }.

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