Swiss chair a multifuntional seating furniture

Space is a big problem nowadays. There is just not enough space for everybody. So the  , designed by Selcan Dokmen and Miray Oktem is a multipurpose seating that allows three people to sit at different heights in order to do different group activities or simply chitchat.

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Swiss chair a multifuntional seating furniture

The Swiss chair feature 3 pieces in different heights that are connected to each other from one end. Further more they have inbuilt storage space for 4 stools. So in less than a minute you can obtain even more sitting space. This concept can be used easily to watch TV or play console games. Your friends won’t have to sit on the floor anymore and they will be very grateful because it’s not the most comfortable place to sit on, especially when you’re a guest.

The Swiss Chair is the perfect answer to all our needs. And it’s very colorful and modern looking. So simple and yet so functional.

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