Sprucing Up For Fall: 15 Quick and Easy Tips

Fall is right around the corner. It’s almost time for pumpkin flavors and scents. It’s almost time for crisp mornings and chunky sweaters. Before we know it, we’ll be planning for all of the magical, wonderful holidays and family dinners. But before all the fun happens, you should clean up and style your house for the new season. We’ve compiled a list of quick and easy trips for sprucing up the house for fall, so scroll through and grab some ideas!

1. Clean the floors.

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Clean all your floors. Once the cooler weather hits, everyone will start spending more time indoors, so get them prepared to be gathered upon. Clean the carpets, shine the hardwood floors … you want your house to be the place to celebrate!

2. Switch out your clothes.

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Grab your sweaters and scarves, the cold weather will be sneaking in soon. Pack up your shorts and swimsuits until next year.

3. Use pumpkins.

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Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, although you must sprinkle the house with plenty spooky gourds. But, they’re for all of the Autumn season!

4. Grab some mums.

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Mums are my favorite fall flowers, in the deep cranberry shade of course. Cluster them together and welcome your guests with a great arrangement beside the front door.

5. Clean up the walls.

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All you need is a magic eraser. Go around the house and clean off the scuff marks on the walls. Inevitably there will be some from the comings and goings of everyday life.

6. Dress the patio.

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Get creative and use lots of fall-inspired decor to jazz up the patio. Pumpkins, leaf garland, pops or oranges and yellows, it’ll all help to create a festive, seasonal look.

7. Wipe down the kitchen.

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Obviously, you should be cleaning the kitchen every week. But pay attention to your cabinets and appliances. Give it a nice once over and make sure they’re nice and sparkling clean.

8. Create a new mantle design.

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Use Autumn flavors to create a new mantle. It’s just another way to bring in a bit of seasonal festivity.

8. Organize the attic.

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Go through the attic and get all the decorations for the holidays in order and ready to be used. You have no idea how much this will help once Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around.

10. Drain the pool.

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Swimming season is over. Go ahead and drain the pool, closing it for the colder temperatures.

11. Make a fun centerpiece.

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Just like the mantle, create a new centerpiece that reflects the season. A table runner, a pumpkin, some leaves … mix and match! Be as subtle or as loud as you’d like.

12. Try out a POT-pourri recipe.

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The stove aromatherapy recipes are the best in the fall and winter with all the warm smells and lots of people gathering. Start practicing now.

13. Check the house’s paint.

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Walk around the house and touch-ups any issues with the paint caused by the thunderstorms and winds of the spring and summer.

14. Change the little things.

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From throw pillows to the curtains, switch out anything that screams summertime and replace it with accents that scream fall!

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