Porch Club Chair

Patio furniture or any other furniture for outdoors is a bit different from normal furniture you buy for indoors because it needs to be water and weather resistant and not to fade away easily. That is why the most preferred materials are wicker and rattan. That is because they are natural materials and, at the same time, they are most resistant. For example this Porch Club Chair  is made entirely of woven wicker. Thin wicker sticks are woven carefully around the powder-coated aluminum frame and this way we get the perfect combination for outdoors – resistance and beauty.

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The chair has a traditional design, with four short legs supporting the whole chair and some very soft and comfortable cushions on the seat and back rest. But this particular chair has some special features, too, like the diamond shaped woven pattern on the back of the chair and also the rounded arm rests and the comfortable angle of the back rest.

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The legs, too, come in a certain angle and are rounded at the end, looking special and interesting. Of course the cushions are covered in very resistant fabric, but it is recommended for you to remove them when it is raining in order to preserve them and have them for a longer time. If you want to you can also add a round table made of the same material and having the same design, so that you can have a complete set. But one chair only is available or .

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