Odyssey Lounge Chair

When we think about future, for I don’t know what reason the only thing that comes to our minds is that  future is somewhere far away.Well, let me tell you something : people are now busy dreaming and buildind it.Young engineers , architects, physicitss, doctors are working on the clock to solve your needs of tomorrow.

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has managed to create this beautyfull piece of furniture that comes straight from the future.Observing the organic shapes, fine curved lines designed to mold flawlessly on our body I would say that the future looks and  feels pretty good actually.All the futurists imagine white as  part of our clean, technologically packed future homes.

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This doesn’t contradict with future  trends of interior design, in which for sure you will find frosted glass, metal , big windows for the  so important natural lighting, solar panels embedded in roofs,exterior  walls or even roofs made entirely  of solar panels.  On the contrary,  this Odyssey Loung Chair brings into our homes on organic shape that stands among all the surrounding technology, reminding us that we are still humans and humans have needs.

People need to rest, people need to take a brake from time to time and regain the lost energy.Since we all have to do this, why not do it in style? And more important do it in the style of tomorrow, because Odyssey Lounge Chair brings into your present day home a glim of the  future interior designs.