Mirror Collages: Ideas and Inspiration

Mirrors create light and give the illusion of space, no matter what room you decide to use them in. They’re a great piece of decor when you need an extra lift. But, if you want that same benefit, extra texture and interest, then you need to try and create a mirror collage. Cluster different shapes and sizes, or make it sleek and chic. Let’s take a look at some mirror collages and grab some inspiration!

1.Vintage Eclecticism.

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Mix and match different styles of mirrors, different sizes and throw in some that are framed for an eclectic, vintage look. It works perfectly in this antiqued guest bathroom, don’t you think?

2. Funky Nook.

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Dress up an unsuspecting place with some simple mirrors. Go thrifting, find ones that inspire you and then

3.Old-Age Feminism.

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Find some mirrors that have an feminine, Victorian flair and use them in your uber girly bedroom! The mirrors add dept and length to the wall while still blending in with the theme.

4. Simple Circles.

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Maybe you want something a bit more simple and concise. Pick out a shape, like a circle, and stick to it. A small cluster of circles can create an interesting headboard!

5. Thematic Addition.

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Sometimes your theme calls for a mirror collage. If you’re inspired by the victorian era or middle eastern flair, then a mirror collage could help transform your space.

6. Full Wall.

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If you’re feeling bold and daring, dress an entire wall in mirrors. Pick some type of theme, whether it’s an antique white or a particular shape, then fill an accent wall or oddly shape space in your home.

7. Art Accent.

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Use a mirror collage as a simple art accent. Pick some type of mirror and use several of the same while creating a collage that “mirrors” a piece of art. This is perfect for modern spaces!

8. Wider Hallways.

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Fill one of your walkways, the hallway with the most traffic, with mirrors. Then, hang them all up horizontally to make the space appear longer and wider.

9. Small Surprise.

When you think mirror collage, you don’t have to necessarily think big. Instead, try creating something smaller and daintier for a fun surprise in the bathroom or even in the breakfast nook.

10. Extra Light.

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Be strategic about placement. Build your collage in a space that will reflect a lot of light and will do well with the extra, natural shine. The living room is a great place and in the dining room too, anywhere that gets a lot of traffic or a space that is used for entertaining.



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