Klismos Bar Stool

Today we live in a very interesting society where geographical limitations no longer exist and also the language barrier has been overcome. So all the people travel all over the world and you can see a mix of cultures and influences everywhere. That is why you will see combinations that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, like this beautiful Klismos Bar Stool, which is obviously Greek considering the name, but also has some Scandinavian influences in style and design. But I think that is exactly what makes it so special and interesting in the first place.

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This stool is pretty simple in design and also comfortable, with a round seating and four legs. It is quite interesting to see that the legs come linked together two by two and made of solid wood. These legs are arched and elegant, having a nice design and this way giving the chair a modern yet traditional look. The chair legs are also connected near the bottom with a round foot rest that has the same shape and look as the seating, which gives it and interesting feature and also suggests unity and perfection. This chair is available in Red lacquer, Barley-Stained Veneer and Chocolate Veneer and sells in pairs for .