Interesting black and green color combos used in interior décor

When you have a color such as black, a strong and very versatile neutral, the possibilities of combining it with other shades are very generous. There are lots of options to explore, some of which are surprisingly rare in interior decors. One such example is the black and green combo, a combination that’s beautiful and can be both elegant and casual.

In the bathroom.

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In the bathroom, the black and green combo can also be used along with white. For example, you could paint the ceiling or the flooring black, have green wallpapered or tiled walls and white fixtures. Add a few more black accents in the form of a framed mirror and maybe some window shades for contrast.

In the dining room.

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It’s easy to imagine how the green and black combo can be used in the dining room. A typical example would be a black dining table paired with green chairs and maybe even some green tableware if you want the image to be even more cohesive. Another possibility would be to use the black and white combination and to add a few green accents in the form of artwork, shades and other decorations.

In the nursery room.

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Green is a common color in nursery room because it’s suitable for both boys and girls. It’s a fresh and dynamic color and it can be used in combination with black and white furniture for a simple and yet chic and sophisticated look.

In the bedroom.

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Bold shades of green are not very common in bedrooms but they can still be included in the design if used intelligently. For example, a green accent wall would be a great idea. It should be the wall against which the headboard rests so that the image remains clean and serene when you’re lying in bed.

In the office.

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Adding a little touch of color to your home office is a very good idea. It makes the décor more dynamic and the atmosphere more casual. For example, this home office has a décor based on black and white but with insertions of green in the form of patterned wallpaper and accent details.

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