How To Divide A Large Living Room

Diving a large living room into several separate zones is ideal if you want it to feel more welcoming. And just because there’s plenty of space to work with doesn’t mean you have to be careless when organizing it. Make the most of what you have using these ideas.

Metal art divider.

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Be subtle with your room dividers. Wooden bookshelves and dividers are great if you also need the storage but for something a little more elegant you can use a metal divider with an artistic design, resembling a beautiful trellis.

Twigs and branches.

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Invite nature into your living room and create a space divider using tree branches and twigs. It can be a fun DIY project or you have the partition custom made just for you.

Wood cubby separators.

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Try a geometric design with a space divider featuring freestanding wooden cubes on a metal frame. You can also repeat the idea throughout the room in other forms as well.


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A space divider with open shelves is also an interesting option. You can display artwork, decorations or collections on the shelves which can be admired from both areas. Also, the zones remain connected but there’s also a sense of privacy.

Old windows.

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If you want your living room to have a rustic or industrial look, you can use old windows as space dividers. You can either leave the glass in or remove it. The frame can be painted or you can keep the distressed look.

Built-in cabinets.

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A practical way to divide a large living room is with partitions that have built-in cabinets. This way they’re not just decorative but also practical in more than one way. You can use the cabinet to store tableware or glasses for the dining room.


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Bookshelf room dividers are very popular and for good reason. They’re excellent space-savers and they’re great at adding privacy to a space without completely separating it from the rest of the room.


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Curtains are also a popular way of separating spaces in the same room but they also usually create a casual look. They could be a nice option for beach-style family rooms or for modern homes.

Storage and built-in TV.

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Make the most of your living room by including the TV into your room divider’s design. The divider can be the perfect structure on which to mount the TV for the sitting area while the other side can be used for storage and display purposes.

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