How To Create A Feminine Bathroom Interior Décor

Sharing a bathroom is not exactly pleasant for any of us. Even though it’s something to be bothered by, it would be much nicer to have your own bathroom. So when you get to have one, make it your sanctuary. Here are some tips that can help you create a feminine décor for your bathroom.

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Cool pink bathroom and amazing mirror

The most common color choice for feminine items is pink so this is what you should look for. Even if you’re not crazy about this color, it’s the colors you’ll most likely find for the items you want to include in the bathroom. So first paint the walls in pink or, if you really don’t like this color, in peach or lilac. Then get some pastel curtains to put in the bathroom as well.

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Feminine bathroom with a glamour theme

Other items you need to look for include a toilet seat (maybe you can find a pink one, a chic bathroom mat (the color can be anything you want since this can also be accent piece for the décor) and some colorful shower curtains if you have a shower (if you opted for pink in the case of the walls and accessories you could do the same for the curtains).

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Pink and black bathroom
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Master bathroom special designed for two girls
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The sparkly mosaic tiles reflect light beautifully

You’ll also need some soft bathrobes and heated towels (you can opt for pink in this case as well). Then add some finishing touches. For example, you can put a feather on the rim of your door to symbolize delicacy and femininity and add some candles for a really enchanting atmosphere. Add some air fresheners and a pair of soft slippers outside the door. You can also add a few more small details and decorations that you find while shopping and make this place really beautiful, inviting and charming.

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