10 Easy Garage Organizing DIY Ideas

Even though it seems we turn to spring clean magazines to help us with our garage chaos, that doesn’t mean it’s not a year-round project. That’s why we decided to share some quick and easy tips for cleaning up the clutter. Let’s take a peek at 10 easy garage organizing diy ideas, before you start getting your hands dirty.

1. Wall Baskets.

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You can easily and quickly install some wire baskets on the wall to hold a variety of things. From ball to hoses, it’s just another way to organize and have things that easily create chaos and dust ready to grab and go.

2. Chalkboard Labels.

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It could be labels or painting the doors and cabinets completely, marking what goes where is a way for the entire family to stay organized in such a easy place to clutter. And all it will take is an afternoon to finish!

3. Magic Magnets.

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For your smaller tools and drill bits, apply a magnet strip to an area and hang these loose pieces up that way. It’s an easy way to grab and go and easy way to clean up too.

4. Hook em’.

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Take some of your extra wrenches and turn them into some hooks for your garage. Hang up work clothes, ropes or anything else that needs to be easily reached and kept from the corners.

5. Cans and Such.

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Organize and separate your nuts and bolts by adding some canisters to your tool bar. It’ll be so much easier to find the piece you need when it’s project or fix it time when everything has its place …. especially the little stuff.

6. Pegboards Please.

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Of course, you can always put up a pegboard, add some hooks and start designing. What’s great about this organizational idea is it acts as “decor” for the garage walls!{found on }.

7. Buckets Too.

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Some shelves and a great set of buckets (labels too) can really come in handy. This is another quick afternoon project that will add some style to the area and keep clutter at bay.

8. Bungee Balls.

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Use bungee cords to store all the sports equipment, like the soccer balls and basketballs! They’re easily accessible and they’re also not rolling all over the floors everyday either.

9. Helmet Hang Up.

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There will be absolutely no excuses as to why the kids aren’t wearing their helmets during their after school bikes rides, and no reason to not find their helmet for the batting cages either with a hang up spot like this!

10. Recycling Station.

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Instead of throwing your water bottles and cardboard boxes in a corner of the garage, build a quick and easy recycling station for the entire family to use. Labels are a must, and you’ll have a cleaner space in no time.



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