Floating pool from Mobideep

A lot of people enjoy swimming, especially in a hot summer day. It’s a great sport and a way of having fun, relaxing and taking care of your body all in the same time. So pools are a great investment for those who have the space and resources. But what can you do when you have a big lake for example but you can’t swim in it because of the murky water? The answer is very simple: you use the floating pool designed by .

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I find this concept very clever and interesting. It’s actually a great idea. A lot of people would like to have a small summer house near a lake but the disadvantage is that you can only enjoy the view and not the water. This is because of the unsanitary conditions, if you have small children it’s not at all safe. So a pool is the best choice. And the space is not a problem because this pool needs to be placed in water. This way you can have a clean swimming area, like a little island where you can enjoy the sunny days. Decks and pontoons are also available.

Floating pool from Mobideep

The floating pool comes in all shapes and sizes so you can customize your own design. It’s also very easy to maintain and it only takes a day to install. It’s definitely an interesting concept.

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