Feminine, Shabby Chic Nook Ideas for Your Home

Whether you live with your husband and gaggle of children or your single women living in the city, it’s okay to give yourself at least one nook that exemplifies everything you love about your femininity and cozy, womanly styles. Shabby chic accents and delicate accessories can combine to create wonderful crannies around your home. Let’s take a peek and get inspired!

1. Cozy place of rest.

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With the right chaise and the right comfortable, shabby chic accessories you can easily create a place to cozy up that serves as your personal space. Fresh flowers and soothing colors can make all the difference.

2. Creative little spaces.

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Whether it’s the nook under the stairs or the corner of the office, create a creative space for your imagination to soar. Cream neutrals, pink floral patterns and vintage pieces make it an easy bit of fun.

3. The right kind of views.

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Call dibs on the windows of the house and use them to your advantage. Create a place to enjoy your breakfast, enjoy your books and enjoy your friends. With the right textures and fabrics, it’ll be the most stylish and coziest place of your home.

4. Serve something sweet.

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This corner of the dining room is the perfect entertaining space. Serve up something sweet for your dinner guests and express yourself and your own style by doing so.

5. A place to chat.

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If you have a bit of a bigger nook to style, use it as an entertaining space. Have your gal pals over for brunch and spend your time finding all the right, shabby chic accessories to accent with.{found on }.

6. Just for you.

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Your nook in the bedroom can be all about that cozy, cottage feel. The right dresser and a just a few shabby pieces can help you create the perfect, feminine space personal to you.

7. Bubbles in the bath.

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Who said the bathroom can’t be stylish and luxurious. If you don’t have a nook to make your own, make this corner your feminine space. Built with shabby chic spirit this bathtime zone is quite charming.

8. Get off your feet.

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Whether in your foyer or your home office, a cozy little style corner like this could be the perfect place to rest and relax, sip some coffee or skim through some of your favorite magazines.

9. A flirty focus.

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All you need is one spot to make your own. And the mantle is an easy target. It can mesh within the rest of the home, but with a touch of femininity that creates a warm and inviting spirit.

10. Playing dress up.

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Sometimes it takes something as simple as vintage jewelry, the right lighting and a dress form to create a corner with that shabby style you love and the feminine touch you need.


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