Eye Clock for the Kids Room

All things that you want to use in the kids room must be funny, as they will reject them otherwise. So you’d better take the kids with you when shopping for their room or you may have the unpleasant surprise to have your surprise gift thrown out of the door because they just don’t like it. And a good idea for a clock for the kids room is this funny Eye clock that shows time in a very peculiar way that makes you laugh. I mean this clock has two eyes displayed but, just like in the case of chameleons, each eye moves in a different way and in a different direction.

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View in gallery

Actually the eyes are the ones showing the time, as there are no arms to this clock to point at the right minute and hour. The first eye shows the hour and the second one the number of minutes. So when the time is quarter past three for example the two eyes are situated in opposite directions and look really funny, which is the intended outcome. So, if you want to test the time shown in these two pictures, imagine the clock has numbers painted on and you will see the first picture shows ten to three or 2:50 and the second one twenty-five past eleven or 11:25. You can purchase it now for .


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