Exotic OLÈ leather chair by Max Caspani

When it comes to furniture, nobody likes it to be plain and simple and with no distinguishable feature. We like simplicity, in fact the modern style seems to be minimalist. Nevertheless, it’s very eye-catching and elegant. So what we really want is something simple that still has personality and at least one distinguished feature that takes it apart from all the other similar pieces. This is what OLÈ is trying to accomplish.

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OLÈ is a regular chair that offers elegance and style and a very subtle exotic touch. It was designed by . It might seem like a modern design but it actually dates back to 1993. It’s surprising but some designs are timeless. Elegance and style don’t age and neither did this chair. As you can see for yourselves, the design of the chair is actually quite simple. The base structure is made of steel, so it’s durable and safe and it doesn’t get ruined with time. The seat and back are covered with leather. It’s not a very common combination of materials but it seems to do the trick in this case.

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The leather is always stylish and elegant and it’s one of them materials that will probably always be in fashion. OLÈ is a very functional and versatile chair. It could be used as a dining chair if you prefer a more distinguished look or a kitchen seat. It’s also great for outdoor use on terraces and decks. It should be used in a protected area because the leather might get ruined in with rain.