Easy Holiday DIY Snowman

The charm of Christmas atmosphere consists of many things like: special music, specific Christmas decorations, the appearance of Santa Claus, the presence of Christmas trees everywhere, the lights that glow at every window and the list may go on.

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Perhaps decorating your house is one of the things that you love most and nowadays you have many options to do this thing. You may choose some modern and extravagant Christmas decorations or you may create your own original Christmas decorations. If you choose the second variant you will find out that DIY projects are very useful and may give a lot of ideas too.

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Here it is a very easy and original DIY project which can help you transform your starfish into a joyful DIY Snowman. You just need to prepare the starfish, some white, black and red paint, a small red scarf, some Liquid Nails and a black card stock oval. You will start by painting the whole starfish in white then add some little black boots, three black buttons and a black mark on the top for the hat.

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The eyes and nose are made with some black dots and you may also add a red smile on its face. At the end you may add a small red scarf that you can glue it with some Liquid Nails and add a nice hat by cutting out a black card stock oval with a hole in it.{found on }