20 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs Without Dye

Dying Easter eggs is an iconic part of childhood. Everyone has memories of turning their fingers blue and yellow and pink as you dipped the white hardboiled ovals into cups of colored liquid. Nowadays though, there are concerns about whether or not the classic dyeing kits are safe to consume. But just because you want to forgo the egg dyeing kits doesn’t mean you have to forgo decorating eggs altogether. There are lots of ways to make Easter eggs without using the classic dye. Here are 20 ways to decorate your eggs for Easter, for the cautious parents out there.

Painted abstract easter eggsView in gallery

Exchanging dye for paint is almost too obvious of a solution. With little art brushes, you can design your own eggs as Van Gogh as you like! Even the smallest hands will enjoy coloring their eggs pink and blue. (via )

DIY confetti eggsView in gallery

What’s a party without confetti, right? Use some glue to make your eggs the life of your Easter party this year. Whether store bought or homemade, you’ll be surprised how much a little confetti can be a game changer. (via )

DIY moss eggsView in gallery

Eggs moss equals some of the most spring appropriate decorated eggs you’ll ever see. While this project might be a too advanced for little fingers, older kids will have a blast making mossy designs. (via )

Neon polka dot eggsView in gallery

Maybe you’re looking for that perfect project for little fingers though. If that’s the case, try these dotty eggs! Just use the neon circle stickers from the office supplies store and you’ll have brightly patterned eggs in no time. (via )

Stamped easter eggsView in gallery

Do you prefer simple designs to colorful ones? Simple letter stamps will give you sweet eggs in one word. You can stamp an Easter related word or even a name and make them this year’s place cards. (via )

DIY instagram eggsView in gallery

Putting your Instagram to work in seasonal decor is always the best option. Learn how to put your favorite Insta snaps on your Easter eggs and you’ll have trouble eating them later. (via )

DIY ribbon eggsView in gallery

Ribbon and glue are all you need to make these pretty patterned eggs. But secretly, we all know you’d rather do these designs in washi tape. Because why not?! (via )

Naturally dyed eggsView in gallery

You can still have colored eggs without the dye. Just use foods like blueberries and cabbage and onions to get pretty colors the natural way. I promise you’ll like them better too. (via )

DIY glitter animal eggsView in gallery

Sometimes you need to choose something based off of the smile factor. Gluing little sparkly animals to your eggs for Easter means smiles are guaranteed. Let everyone have their own little animal on their Easter brunch plate. (via )

DIY watercolor eggsView in gallery

Watercolors are my fave. So when I came across these watercolor painted eggs, I knew that I had to make them myself. They’re gorgeous enough to make a great Easter gift for anyone! (via )

Decoupage easter eggsView in gallery

When it doubt, decoupage. Let your kids cut pictures from magazines or print out their favorite super heroes in tiny sizes so they can cover their eggs in Superman and Elsa and butterflies and bugs. (via )

Nail polish eggsView in gallery

Have you ever thought about how nail polish is such a versatile crafting medium? You can even use it to marble your eggs. Trust me, they’ll be the most grammed this year. (via )

Flower decorated eggsView in gallery

Of course, flowers make everything better. So get out in your yard and collect the tiny blooms. Then tie them to your eggs for the easiest and pretties egg decor ever. (via )

Calligraphy phrase eggsView in gallery

If you have the careful hand to do calligraphy, then you certainly have the ability to make these calligraphy eggs. Make some “Happy Easter” ones for the decor and then a name for each individual place. (via )

DIY feather eggsView in gallery

Decorating your eggs with feathers is a great idea, especially if you’ll be putting them in a nest on the table. Whether you use real-looking feathers or bright neon colored ones, it will be your favorite centerpiece. (via )

DIY glitter eggsView in gallery

No DIY post is complete without a glitter version. You might not want to let the kids help with this one, but it will certainly bring the glam to your Easter table! (via )

Paint pen eggsView in gallery

Paint pens for the win! Use them to draw patterns and dots and squiggles on naturally colored eggs. You can even do this while you catch up on your shows. (via )

Gold leaf eggsView in gallery

You just gotta love a bit of gold leaf. Even adding it to plain white eggs will make a shiny impact on your Easter decor. You’ll want to make sure you use wooden eggs for this so you can keep them forever after. (via )

Tattooed eggView in gallery

Just like stickers and decoupage are easy for little people to craft with, tattoos are on that list as well. Even if you don’t have kids, using the grown up tattoos will make pretty eggs. (via )

Kool aid dyed eggsView in gallery

Still wanting to have eggs in bright colors? Consider using Kool Aid to dye them all the brights you want. Then you don’t have to worry about your littles licking their fingers. (via )