Duplex Apartment With A Steel Slide

This is a dream come true! When I first saw this picture I just couldn’t believe it. Someone actually designed a two level apartment with a slide inside that connects the two bedroom units.

People have been dreaming about this for years and now it’s finally here thanks to the . The slide starts at the top floor near the office and lands below near both the living and dining areas. It is surrounded by custom designed glass railings and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of New York.

Honestly, who needs stairs when you can have a slide in your house? It’s so much fun, practical, not to mention that it would represent a great attraction for the kids. Just imagine: after you finish working in the office you can slide into the living room to have some nice, relaxing time. Unless someone is going to come up with a carousel inside the house, this is definitely my favourite design so far.

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