DIY Christmas Decor For the Whole Family

It’s never too early to start decorating for Christmastime! So, how about getting your family together this weekend and crafting up some goodies to spruce up the house with. Make your holiday season that much more memorable by not only creating memories with your family but creating stylish pieces for the house. Take a peek!

1. Simple Twig Art.

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Go gather some clean twigs out in the yard. Then, pile them on the kitchen counters to make your new and festive wall art. Christmas trees, reindeer … use your imagination!{found on }.

2. Delicate, Dainty Garland.

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Grab the construction paper and get it work. From the classic paper chains to star and tree cutouts. Just make sure you have sting or twine long enough to attach it to the mantle.{found on }.

3. Personalized Dinner or Glassware.

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It could be the water glasses or the forks, grab some of your oldest silverware and give them an update for the Christmas dinner table! Dip them in gold or chalkboard paint, and make sure to add everyone’s initial to their personal set!

4. Filled-up Plastic Ornaments.

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Snag some inexpensive plastic, ball ornaments at the local store and start getting creative. Make your own paper confetti or buy a bunch of different kinds of holiday-inspired bits at the store, then have the family fill them up and hang them ont he tree! It’s quite the fun and playful look.{found on }.

5. Whimsy, paper Snowflakes.

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Who doesn’t love making and creating a great paper snowflake? Hang them in the hallway, use them as garland accents or on the tree as this year’s newest ornaments.{found on }.

6. Sparkling Christmas Trees.

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Styrofoam cones come in handy this time of year, because they’re so versatile! Make sure you have enough glitter, and maybe a topper or too and start having the kids roll the cones in their favorite shade of sequins.{found on }.

7. Candy Cane Wreath.

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Start hoarding the candy canes! This is one fun project to take on, and everyone will get to snack on the supplies! But, it’s essential that you have the glue gun warmed and ready to go.

8. Colorfully Dipped Pine Cones.

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More gathering out in the yard will precurse this family-time activity. Find some clean pine cones in the yard and use paint to give them a bit of style. The, voila!, new Christmas ornaments for the tree.{found on }.

9. Bottle Cap Snowmen.

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Everyone can make their own, with its own style and pizazz. These bottle cap snowman couldn’t be more kid friendly or fun for the holiday season.{found on }.

10. Pretty Macaroni Trees.

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All you need is some spray paint, dry macaroni and Styrofoam cones! How fun will this one be for the littlest of family members? It’ll take a bit of time, but it’ll be quite a treasured piece of family history for years to come.

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