Cozy Moon swivel chair by arketipo

Over the years the basic pieces of furniture have evolved. In most cases the changes have been made in order to increase functionality and the comfort level. In other cases the accent was put on the design and the image. This is how, for example, the simple armchair has first lost its arms or side supports for the arms and even its legs. Nevertheless, the comfort level has remained the same and, even better, in most cases it even increased.

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The Moon armchair is a modern creation designed by and Roberto Tapinassi in 2004. It certainly doesn’t loom like a standard armchair. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s any worst that those ones. If anything, it should be better. There have been made several changes in order to obtain this design. First of all, the legs have been replaced with a swivel base. This allows more freedom iv movement and it’s more elegant. The side supports for the arms have been removed. Instead, the design allows the user to lean his arms on the soft upholstery. The backrest has remained a basic component.

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The Moon armchair has an original shape and an elegant and stylish design. The swivel base is very simple and has a beautiful silver color and the frame has been covered in soft expanded polyurethane. The Moon armchair is very soft and cozy and provides great comfort for the user.

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