7 Types Of Wall Décor You Can Use In Your Home

Wall décor comes in a wide variety of choices and options which makes it difficult for someone who wants to decorate their home to make a decision. Each type has its own pros and cons and they’ll all interesting and beautiful. Your decision should be based on personal preferences, on the theme and style of the room’s design and décor and on the function of the room.

Wall murals and paintings

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A mural can instantly transform a room. Whether the mural or the painting covers an entire wall or a portion is totally up to you. If you opt for this type of wall décor, take into consideration the size, style, the theme and the color.

Wallpaper and paint

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These options don’t sound like they could be very interesting but there are numerous ways in which you can use them. For example, when you paint a wall you can use more than one color, you can create interesting geometric designs using tape and you can also impress by choosing an eye-catching hue. The wallpaper comes in a variety of styles, designs and patterns so it too can be very versatile.


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You can make a wall stand out through lighting. Use wall lamps, LEDs and all sorts of other options to highlight particular areas of your home, maybe to put the spotlight on a painting or sculpture or simply to create a nice ambiance.{found on }.


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Wood is the perfect material to use on your walls if you prefer a rustic or traditional ambiance. You can cover the walls in wood to create a warm and cozy décor or you can use wood in other ways. Explore the options and come up with your own design.{found on little}.

Modern wall art

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Obviously you first need to choose a style. If you want your home décor to be modern, then the wall art should share the same style. Modern wall décor focuses on simplicity, bold colors, movement and other elements.

Traditional wall art

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In this category we can include the designs from the Baroque and the Renaissance period. For example, you can decorate the walls with ornate mirrors, decals and intricate patterns.

Abstract wall art

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If you choose abstract wall décor, you can play with shapes, geometric forms, colors and materials. Try 3D wall art and explore the web for inspiring ideas.


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