Make A Splash With A Red Front Door

Your front door greets all your guests even before you answer the doorbell so it definitely sends out a message. Obviously, you want it to be a positive one. Light-colored front doors used to be popular a while ago but nowadays bold colors and dark tones are in vogue. Red is an excellent color for the front door, being all positive, full of energy and cheerful. A red front door spread happiness amongst your guests and puts you in a good mood every time you come home.

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A red front door with a white frame will definitely pop, no matter how big or small it is

A lovely arched door painted red will look dreamy and will make your house look like a fairy tale home

Red as a color has symbolisms in many different cultures. For example, the Japanese culture loves the red color and associates it with the sun. The Japanese gave each shade of red its own beautiful name and the combination of red and white is a symbol for happy occasions so you can paint your front door red and surround it with a white frame if you want to send out this message.

Choose a less striking shade of red if you don’t want the door to stand out that much
It’s also interesting to make the front door pop when it’s unusually situated to the side for example
Red front doors don’t necessarily have to look modern if the house’s design is not

Indian culture associates red with simplicity, purity and ritualistic candor. The color is also symbolic of a certain time, place and action in one’s personal life so maybe painting your front door red can reflect something like that. For example, it can symbolize the moment you first moved into your new home.

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A red front door will also influence your entrance area and your interior design
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A strong color also highlights some of the design details such as the glass inserts
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Of course, a really cool door asks for a really cool color and red is perfect for that
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A simple-looking facade could use a splash of color no matter what that is
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You can coordinate your red front door with a few other accessories
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Use red to add a classical touch to your house is the design allows it

In the past, the Russian word used to describe the color red was also used to describe something beautiful and it’s easy to understand why. Red is, indeed, a stunning color so using it on your front door can be a very clever move if you want to draw attention to that particular area and to make a statement. Whether you want it to look dramatic, playful or simply chic, red is the perfect color choice.

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