10 Landscape Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Backyard

Planning your backyard landscape is a complex process. It’s just like when you’re decorating your living room or any other part of the house. Of course, the elements you need to take into consideration in this case are quite different. But mistakes happen regardless. Below you can find 10 most frequent mistakes people do when decorating their backyard.

Overcrowded garden beds

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It’s important to realize that plants grow and to actually do some research to know how much so you can properly space out your garden beds and other plants to avoid overcrowding the backyard. If you put plants too close together they’ll end up being really crowded when they mature. It’s ok to have empty spots in the spring.{found on }.

Ignoring the seasons

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Depending on the region, you’ll have to plan your backyard landscape accordingly so this area looks good all year round. If your backyard is green and colorful only during spring or autumn, you’ll definitely regret it. It’s best to mix it up a little bit and to have a variety of plants, some of which bloom in early spring, other when summer comes around, etc.{found on }.

No curb appeal

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Maybe your backyard is not facing any streets but this doesn’t mean you’re free to ignore the curb appeal completely. A cracked concrete path and other such elements can ruin the aspect of your home and backyard regardless. So take a few steps back and plan the landscape accordingly.{found on }.

Uncomfortable furniture

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The backyard is where you go to relax and unwind, to enjoy the fresh colors, the breeze and the nature so it’s important to have comfortable furniture out here. So choose chairs with wide seats, armrests and cozy seat and back cushions. Some extra pillows would also be nice.

No indoor-outdoor connection

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Who cares about the indoor areas when you’re outside enjoying the sun, right? Not exactly. It’s important for the indoor and outdoor spaces to be coordinated in order to ensure a pleasant transition between them. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the lovely landscape and the views even more from inside the house.

Excessive ornamentation

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Too many decorative items can distract you from enjoying the beauty of the backyard and can hide the lovely natural colors and the freshness that makes this area so special. So don’t display everything you have even if you like all those items.

Inappropriate color palettes

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Color is important when planning the backyard landscape. Not all colors look great when put together and some coordinate better with your house than others. Also, too many colors put in one place can look too strong and even disturbing. It’s best to decide on two on three colors and to only use those. Variations of these colors are welcome.

Overlooking maintenance

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If your backyard looks amazing the first few days after you’ve finished planting and decorating everything but then slowly starts to loose its appeal because you don’t have the time to take care of it or don’t feel like doing it, that means you’ve made a bad investment in the first place. So take maintenance into consideration before planning everything.{found on }.

Using the wrong tools

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The right tools can make your job a lot easier, regardless of the project. This also applied to backyard landscaping. Use the right tools from the start and you’ll be more efficient and you’ll get better results. Also, this is important to safety reasons.

Overlooking the lighting

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Obviously, you’ll be planning everything and doing all the work in your backyard during the day. But while everything may look perfect in daylight, you also need to visualize the space at night so you can add proper lighting. Well-placed accent lighting can really make features pop.



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