Atelier Chandelier by Sonneman

The first chandeliers used candles instead of light bulbs like they do now and they were hanging from the ceiling because this way the light was cast over the whole room. The same purpose is served today with the difference that you don’t have to change the light bulbs and also the chandeliers are stuck to the ceiling. So there is nothing much to change about their appearance, and you can find them rather boring after some time. But Thank God for the creative designers! They are able to design something like this Atelier Chandelier by Sonneman that is anything but boring.

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The designer Robert Sonneman created this Atelier Chandelier to have six arms, three of them oriented upwards and three downwards. What is really interesting about these arms is the fact that you can move them easily, swivel them around their own axis and position them as you see fit. The metal frame of the chandelier and the arms are made of metal and have a satin black finish that gives it an interesting and elegant look. There is also a stabilizing bar at the bottom, keeping the chandelier steady when you move the arms. You have the opportunity to choose whether you want your chandelier to have six or eight arms, so the price will be either .

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