Affordable Mini Greenhouse by IKEA

If you want to start early seeds for your container garden, then the Mini Greenhouse by IKEA is the perfect solution for you. The Swedish furniture producers launched this product in order to help urban gardeners extend their home grown produce. This lovely greenhouse can help maximize limited planting space, at least until you have a collection of square meters to grow vegetables and fruits on.

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Designed to offer a space-saving solution, these tiny terrariums feature an adjustable roof with two operable glass hatches for positioning plants and ventilation. Seeds will have no problem integrating in the powder coated steel framed greenhouses. Moreover the simple design will allow you to put them into any tight corner space in the kitchen or in your hallway. Your plants can have their own home measuring 18 inch by 9 inch by 14 inch.

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The IKEA Mini Greenhouse presents a transparent container that will give life to a dull space. They are available for $19,99 each and are perfect for those of you who own small spaces in urban settings with limited outdoor space. This new Socker mini greenhouse can be filled with potted greens for a window sill, or with flowering buds for a living room center piece.

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