A modern planter for you and a comfy house for your pet

If you like plants and you also like pets, there’s no reason you can’t have them both. They both take space, but thanks to the ingenious creation from , now they can both live happily in the same building. These pieces are actually a combination if a planter on top and a pet house inside.

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Made of durable plastic, these structures are great planters and they double as pet houses. You can have them both without sacrificing any space. One characteristic is always constant: the planter stays on top. Underneath the pieces presents plenty of space for small animals like cats and small dogs but also for birds. That’s why this ingenious structure is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The design is simple and modern and it manages to make 2 species very happy.

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Of course, you might want to think a little before choosing the inhabitants that will share this structure. You have to be careful because some cats like to chew grass and other similar plants and so do birds. Also, you might want to choose plants that don’t require a lot of attention or special conditions. Overall, this is a very creative design and a very functional structure. Your pet will have a green home and your plants will feel less lonely. It’s a great combination.


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