8 office designs featuring Herman Miller chairs

The Management Chair was designed by back in 1958. It was designed for outdoor seating and yet, it’s currently used as an indoor piece of furniture. What’s even more surprising is the fact that even after all these years this chair is a classic, a beautiful and versatile piece of furniture perfect for any home. To see exactly how elegant and versatile this chair is, we have selected a series of interior designs that beautifully incorporate this piece.

1. Elegant attic office.

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Because of its design, this chair is very suitable in offices. It has a shape that conforms subtly to the user’s body and shape and it offers great comfort. Here we have a beautiful home office featuring two Management Chairs. The have brown upholstery to match the furniture and they integrate beautifully into the décor.{picture found on }.

2. Colorful NY home office.

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The same chair is presented in a different type of home office. This time it’s a smaller space with a more colorful interior. The orange walls reflect a warm décor and these chairs are the perfect additions. They are comfortable and cozy and they also have the versatility to complement such a room.{picture from }.

3. A white Chicago office.

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The Management chair is available in a variety of different colors. It’s one more reason to see it as an extremely versatile and beautiful piece of furniture. In this case we have a very bright home office featuring a white interior. Naturally, a white chair was necessary and this one was perfect. It also had that modern allure and classical beauty to go with it.{picture from }.

4. Airy Washington office.

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This is the black version of the chair, one of the most elegant ones. It complements beautifully this home office. Notice that there’s a subtle contrast there between the light desk, the bright wall and the dark floor. The chair creates a very nice balance between these shades and brings everything together in a stylish décor.{found on }.

5. Small corner office.

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The dimensions of the Management chair also make it great for small office spaces. For example, we have here a tiny office corner inside a bedroom. To delimitate the areas, the office space was enclosed in glass. In order to maintain a continuous design, it had to be a white office that would almost go unnoticed. It’s why glass was also used instead of something else. The chair is perfect here because it gives the user the freedom of movement he needs but it also maintains the décor simple and airy.{found on }.

6. Modern multifunctional space.

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The versatility of the Management Chair also allows you to use it in situations such as this one. This is a multifunctional space that can be used for dining but also for working. The table is modern and simple with no particular details that would integrate it in a certain category and the chair is perfect for both work and relaxation.{found on }.

7. A chic work corner.

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The design of the chair, its clean, curvilinear lines and its overall appearance make it a very attractive piece of furniture. It’s why it works so well in this chic décor. It matches perfectly with the curtains, the rug and the accent wall and it has the necessary delicacy to be both stylish and functional.

8. Spacious and eclectic white office.

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Even though it works well in dining areas and living rooms as well, the Management Chair is still a primarily office piece. It integrates beautifully in both large and small offices and it has the ability to be both eye-catching and subtle. The combination between the aluminum frame and the beautiful frame is chic and elegant and the variety of materials and colors that are available make it a great choice for any office.{picture found on }.



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