10 Unique DIY Wall Clocks

Looking for a cool DIY to try your hands out or maybe your in need of a wall clock to help keep the time? We’ve got a great batch of funky & functional crafty clock projects that will definitely do the trick. Take a look at what we’ve gathered and see if one is right for you!

1. The Teacup Clock.

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Want something feminine with a touch of vintage appeal? Try using a matching set of teacups or thrifted a bunch of mixed and matched sets to create something this adorable!

2. The Polaroid Picture Clock.

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This is fast and definitely funky. Use some of your favorite or snap some of your own polaroid pictures and use memories as your time pieces! It’s creative, you’ll have a great time and it’ll be a great conversation piece for family and friends.

3. The Classic Crafter’s Clock.

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With a little fabric and just four cute buttons, you can create an adorable little clock for any nook in your home. Just follow a simple and you’ll have something sweet in no time.

4. The Contemporary Clock.

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This super sleek and chic clock will be a new, timeless piece of your home decor. Follow easy DIY to create one for yourself!

5. The Girlish Clock.

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Isn’t this adorable? All you have to do is find 12 (or 4) small pieces of whatever type/theme framed wall art you’d like and it’s a matter of getting them in position. So easy and so stylish!

6. The Nature Lover’s Clock.

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This is quite self-explanatory. So, you need something with a rustic appeal … try this out!

7. The Colorful Artist’s Clock.

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Another easy DIY to tackle if you don’t have too much experience. Grab some colorful markers (you can also go monochromatic) and get to work. This piece would be great for the kids room or a fun play room!

8. The Funky Starburst Clock.

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Follow DIY and you’ll have something super funky for your home office! It’s creative and a little cooky, perfect to bring in some personality to any space in the house.

9. The Music Lover’s Clock.

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Want a vintage appeal without all the frills? Try out this DIY Record Clock and it just might do the trick! It’ll be great for the study or living room!

10. The Traveler’s Clock.

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Take half a globe and VOILA! you’ve got a clock. This would be great for an office or even a kid’s play room! And it’s super easy for anyone to create.

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