10 Fun, Alternative Ways To Use Coat Hooks

Coat hooks and coat racks can be utilized for more than just coats! Just because we like using see these wall racks to hang up our raincoats doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere and for other things. They’re still just a hook and a hook can hold a lot more than our outerwear. Check out these TK fun ways to use coat hooks and see what you’ll be hanging up next!

1. Hang your scarves.

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Instead of searching for your scarves in a clutter of clothes, hang them up! Easy to find and to simply throw over your shoulder, using a coat hook to display your pretty shawls will not only spruce up a closet area but also keep them in great shape.

2. Same goes for belts.

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Sick of your belts getting lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy, cluttered closet? Find them easier by hooking them up on some hooks!

3. Jewelry displays.

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Yes, it’s that simple. Use coat hooks to display and organize your favorite necklaces! No more tangles and messes. Separate your pearls from your golds and no longer spend time searching for what you need!

4. Purses found easier.

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Another way to find your accessories in a pinch … hang them on hooks! Coat hooks are extremely versatile for organizing and displaying. Grab your favorites and most-used purses and hang them up for a quick grab and go.

5. Kitchen Utensils, Pots & Pans and Potholders!

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Coat hooks are fabulous for the kitchen! Hang up your pots and pans, utensils and your towels and potholders. It will create more space in your cabinets and look really fun. And a …. seeing those pots and pans will give you the drive for more cooking!

6. Art.

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Create something a little artsy! Add flowers or photos ….. glitter or buttons. Take an older coat rack and transform it into something new and beautiful!

7. Coffee or Tea Corners.

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If you have or found the right coat hook decor …. create a tea or coffee corner! Hang up and display your cutest mugs …. display your teapots …. and hide your Splenda and creamer in the cubbies!

8. Hide your ironing board.

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Eliminate clutter and create space! Hide your ironing board on the wall and hang it on a hook! It’s neat and tidy … and still cute and stylish!

9. Hang up your art.

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Use coat hooks to hang up your wall art. Make a collage and create something eclectic!

10. Store your tools.

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Get your gardening tools up off the garage floors. Use coat hooks to keep them organized.

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