10 Easy Mirror DIYs For Your Home!

Mirrors are one of the best pieces of a decor for any and every house. They’re versatile, fit into any theme or style genre and they always add a necessary illusion of extra space and a blast of natural light. Take that ease of decorating and pair it with the ease of one of these projects for an extra special treat for your home! Take a look at these mirror DIYs!

1. Pallet Frames.

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Grab an unframed mirror and use old, wooden pallets as your frame. It’ll give the space a soft, rustic and trendy feel to a stylish, neutral room! It’s easy too!{found on }.

2. A Sunburst.

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We love this one so much, we’re gushing about it again. Start grabbing those fallen twigs and sticks! They’ll certainly come in handy for this chic and simple DIY.

3. Cut-Out Art.

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Grab some wood and get to work. This will take a bit more skill as you’ll need to cut out a frame and paint it! Go Victorian or more modern, it’s completely up to you!{found on }.

4. Some Jute.

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An unframed, circle mirror and a Styrofoam wreath are all you need to get this started. Then grab some jute and start wrapping – in no time you’ll have the most perfect, quaint piece of decor.{found on }.

5. Light Action.

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Talk about a pick-me-up! Take an older mirror and string some glistening, twinkle lights on it! It’ll instantly add a bit of romantic, whimsy appeal.

6. Round and Round.

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This has a bit of wood cutting involved again. You need an unframed mirror, a wooden piece to use as a frame and then some round, wooden slices to adhere to that frame. Easy and rustic!{found on }.

7. Festive Fun.

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Whether it’s the 4th of July or Christmastime, utilize all those holiday pencils and create a fun, festive frame for your mirror. Then use it every time that time of the year rolls around.{found on }.

8. Fabric Covers.

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Yep, all you need is some fabric to cover the frame! It’ll be completely customized to you and easy to change if you need to.{found }.

9. Styrofoam Love.

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How about utilizing the Styrofoam as a textural piece of style? All that was done here was a bit of painting and embellishment attachment.{found on }.

10. Dressed in Seashells.

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All of those seashells that you’ve saved from years of going to the beach, well, you can finally put them to good use! Get the glue gun out, because it’s that simple!