10 DIY felt Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a holiday strongly centered on family, interaction and the coziness of our homes. It’s a time when people focus on personalized gifts and decorations, when everyone wants to make their home look beautiful and festive. One way of making sure your home is cozy and inviting this Christmas is to let the spirit of DIY projects capture you. We have a few very cute and interesting felt decorations that you might like to try out this Christmas.

Small ivory felt ornaments.

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Most of these projects are easy to make and require few supplies and materials. For example, to make something similar to the decorations showed in the picture, you’ll need ivory felt, a hand-sewing needle, red embroidery thread, cotton balls or fiber-fill, pinking shears, scissors, straight pins, a marking pen and a small paintbrush or pen.

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You can also use other colors if you like.Start by printing and cutting out the templates. Then cut the felt and fold it in two. Trace around the edge and pin the pieces together. Cut the excess felt and make the French knots. Stitch along the edges and attach the ornament hanger. Stuff it and add the finishing touches.{found on }.

Felt mistletoe.

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For this project you’ll need the mistletoe template one sheet of green felt, a sharpie or fabric pencil, pearl embellishments, hot glue or fabric glue and a ribbon. Frist cut out the templates and trace around them on the felt. Cut out the felt shapes and arrange the springs as you wish. Then glue the stems and leaves where they overlap and add the pearl embellishments to resemble berries. Tie a ribbon around the stems and you’re done.{found on

Cute felt owl ornaments.

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These cuties might seem like a lot of work but they’re actually quite easy to make. First you’ll have to print and cut out the templates. Decide which colors you would like to use and cut out the shapes. Then sew the pieces to the body front and use two buttons for the eyes. Sew the body back to the body front and stuff the owl. Close the edge and you’re done.{found on }.

Felted star ornament.

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The star is an important symbol for Christmas and it has remained almost unchanged over the years. But this doesn’t mean you can’t improvise a little when it comes to materials and small details. For example, you can make some felted star ornaments for your Christmas tree using templates or improvising. You can add beading or all sorts of other decorations if you like and you can use any color you want.{found on }.

Bacon ornament.

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If you prefer something a little more fun and untraditional, maybe you’d like to have a bacon ornament for this year’s Christmas. You’ll need red felt, white, beige or pink felt, red thread, thread that matches the second color, wire and ribbon. Start by cutting out the six pieces of felt that you’ll be using. Use pins to hold them in place and stitch the smaller pieces onto the red felt. Fold the ribbon in half and put it between the stitched pieces of felt, pin them together and stitch the sides and top. Turn the piece inside out by pulling the ribbon through the bottom. Create a rectangle of wire to fit inside and you can also add a bit of cotton batting.{found on }.

Charlie Brown ornaments.

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For this fun project you’ll need peach felt, white felt black, red, green, yellow and blue scraps, black perle cotton, a hand stitching needle, templates and a marking pen. Cut out the felt shapes and stitch the topper pieces for each ornament along with Snoopy’s ears, Lucy’s hair, Charlie’s shirt stripe and Linus’ hat. Draw the faces and details and embroider them on each piece. Add the perle cotton pieces and glue them to the inside of the back pieces. Place the fronts and backs together and stitch all the way around them.{found on }.

Felt wardrobe ornaments.

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For this project you’ll need red, white gold and black felt, black embroidery floss, dental floss, wire, glue and black buttons. Cut out the shapes from the templates and stitch them together. Make the hangers using wire. Glue the cuffs on the jacket and pants, the belt buckle and all the toher tiny pieces. Add the tiny black buttons and the finishing touches.{found on }.

Monogramed felt ornaments.

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Make ornaments for each member of the family with their initials on and make sure everyone is happy with year’s Christmas tree. Here’s what you have to do: Choose some colorful pieces of felt and trace the ornament shapes. Cut out the pieces. Print out the letters you want to use, trace them onto the felt and cut out the felt letters. Sew the letters to the front pieces of the ornaments and then sew the fronts and backs together. Don’t forget the hanging loop.{found on }.

Felt handprint ornaments.

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If you want something simple and yet personalized, you can try embroidering the handprints of your children, friends or family members and turning them into ornaments. Trace the handprints on paper, cut them out and trace them onto felt. Embroider them and personalize them with monograms or anything else you want.{found on }.

Felt snowflakes.

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Even though this seems like a tedious project it’s actually easier to make than it looks. The materials needed are a piece of wool felt in bright pink, one in ecru, a water soluble marking pen, a ruler, two spools of cotton thread in the two colors mentioned earlier and template plastic. First trace the circle and triangle onto he template plastic and cut them out. Trace the circle on both the white and pink felt and cut out the shapes. Cut a strip of felt for the hanging loop. Trace the lines as shown on the white piece of felt. You can also improvise. Sew along the marks and trim out the thread ends then cut to within 1/8th of an inch around all of the stitching.{found on }.



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